Virtual: Workshops


Bobbi McCormick // Host

More than anything, Bobbi wants to be a living example of what it means to completely surrender everything to Christ. She lives in sunny California with her hubby Matt, daughter RJ and pup Bosco. She is the blogger behind nHerShoes, and is one busy woman trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle in a crazy, busy world. She wears several different hats every day as a wife, mother, cook, runner, blogger, small business owner, GPP certified personal trainer, coffee fanatic, wine lover and kickboxing instructor! She recently adopted a sweet baby girl named Rylee Joy and has a huge heart for adoption. She knows that it is a hard balance to stick to clean eating and working out and doing it all with grace.

Amia Freeman // Zumba

Amia Freeman is a leading expert in group fitness, personal fitness and spiritual growth. She has been taking the fitness world by storm for over 10 years. Amia is inspired to promote and practice diverse health and fitness programs to keep clients motivated, minimize plateaus, and to increase spiritual, physical, and mental strength. Learn more about Amia at Inneractive FITCLUB.

Michelle Myers // Body Image

Michelle’s passion lies within inspiring women to be of God’s standard – pursuing Christ, serving their families well & using their God-given gifts to bless others. After a 4-year struggle with an eating disorder, God restored Michelle to physical & spiritual health, which lit a fire in her to do the same for others. Michelle currently runs an online community for women seeking guidance in faith & fitness called Myers Cross Training. In 2013, she also launched Cross Training Couture, a fun faith-based fashion line. In 2014, she expanded her ministry to include She Works His Way, a platform that allows her to pour God’s truth into the lives of women in ministry & business who want to build His kingdom while giving their best to their home.

Bonnie Lang // Boot Camp

Bonnie Lang is a wife, personal trainer, healthy lifestyle blogger and adventurer based in Calgary, Alberta. She loves motivating others to be their fittest self enjoys seeing the transformation process that takes outside the gym in people’s lives even more! Bonnie’s aim is to love God and love people and she has found that fitness is a great tool to do just that. She began blogging in May 2008 when her husband, Mike, was diagnosed with hodgkin’s lymphoma as a way to share and process their cancer journey with others. Bonnie now writes as an extension of the non-profit she and Mike run, Survive & Thrive Cancer Programs, about their adventures together, and shares tips, tools and inspiration to help others live life to the full regardless of their fitness level. On her blog you’ll find home- and gym-based workouts, musings on nutrition and encouragement toward healthy lifestyle change.

Kimbre Varney // Workout

Kimbre is a daughter of the one true King, wife, mom of two boys, and professional of Exercise Science. She believes in surrendering every aspect of her life to Christ. Because of this, she has a holistic view on life and believes that the body, mine, and spirit all work together. Her goal is to educate and inspire people to live a healthy and whole life in Christ. Kimbre is the blogger behind Fueling the Temple and she likes to stay physically active by running, biking, and doing at home workouts. The goal of Fueling the Temple is to equip individuals of all ages to maintain fitness in all areas of life in a hectic world while giving God the glory. We want to discipline our bodies like athletes, not to turn heads, but to change hearts for Christ.